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Valley Lutheran School Scrap Drive 

Two tubs were dumped by the end of the afternoon, Saturday, March 4th! It was a great turnout for the Post Prom Committee scrap drive for Valley Lutheran School. We love being involved with the community and continuing to do scrap drives! We want to thank Valley Lutheran and those in the Cedar Valley who contributed to the fundraiser!


If you, your business, and someone you know are ever interested in doing a scrap drive with A-Line Iron & Metals, please call 319-233-7310 for more information. We hope everyone has a great time at the 2023 Valley Lutheran Prom!


St. Paul Lutheran's Church and School Scrap Drive

Donations flooded this scrap drive on Aug., 20th, 2022!  Over 80,000 lbs of metals were recycled on Sat the annual St. Paul’s Lutheran Church & School Scrap Drive.  

All proceeds directly supported St. Paul's Lutheran School and Church.  We're incredibly grateful to help with their annual scrap drive!

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